Help - Flagstaff Traffic Map

Flagstaff Traffic Layer

Traffic Flow Data

Just like you, there are thousands of motorists on Flagstaff roads with their mobile devices in their vehicles. Google generates its traffic flow data based on real-time movement of active Google Maps app users, other proprietary sources, and 3rd party traffic data providers. Our map shows you the main traffic veins through Flagstaff, and indicates where traffic flow is good, and where it is congested. This enables you to plan alternate routes to navigate around congested areas.

Here's How it Works

Spotting Heavy Traffic

As you can see from the photo above, the map is showing you exactly where traffic is congested, and where it is flowing freely. More specifically, it shows you which lanes are affected. As you might expect, red lines indicate where traffic flow is heavy, yellow lines where traffic flow is moderate, and green lines where traffic flow is good.

Zooming In

The Flagstaff Traffic Map comes standard with zoom in/out controls. Tapping these will allow you to get a better look at traffic flow, and where alternate routes might be. Double tapping on the map itself will also allow you to zoom in on an area. And of course, there is the pinch and stretch gestures. A tap and hold will allow you to pan the map in any direction. You can also flick the map for quick panning.